From a UK only start-up employing a small handful of employees in 2005, we grew the business steadily and organically over the following 12 years.  Over this period, establishing new markets in eight other European countries; followed closely by Canada and the US.

Turnover growth from <£0.5m in 2006 to £24m in 2018 and from 6 to 65+ employees.

The Group was successfully acquired by Annuity Management Group in October 2017 enabling the founders to exit and crystallize their shareholdings.

Key experiences/achievements:

Legal and taxation knowledge and compliance in international markets.

Multi-currencies and FOREX hedging.

Multi-lingual capabilities (recruitment and retention).

Establishing international distribution and supplier relationships.

Funding rapid growth in new markets (tradition working capital and shareholder investment).

Operational and senior executives’ incentives plans.

Tight internal controls.

Comprehensive forward looking cash flow management.

Extensive due diligence experience.


Support Warehouse


October 2017


Renewal Services


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